Industry Affiliates
Vets Restore Industry Affiliates are local firms with a portfolio of projects involving historic properties. These companies are committed to giving back to the community and helping military veterans transition into the civilian work force. Affiliates provide our veterans with small-group mentoring, tours of active job sites, networking opportunities, and potential internships.

Current Construction Industry Affiliates


Veteran-owned Bear Wood Windows has a growing share of the wood window restoration market. They know how to make old windows work like new, avoiding expensive wholesale replacement.


JAS Design/Build brings classic Seattle homes back to life. Depending on client preferences, they provide a range of approaches – from complete remodel, to sensitive renovation, to full-scale restoration of historic fabric.


Veteran-owned Abacus Fine Carpentry is a collective of skilled finish carpenters that specialize in the installation of high-end architectural details. Historic home owners in classic older neighborhoods are among their clientele.


Rafn Construction got its start with the revitalization of historic buildings. They take on the renovation of vintage properties like the Cadillac Hotel, the Colman School Apartments, and Trinity Parish Church with regularity.

To be considered as a Construction Industry Affiliate for Vets Restore, please contact:
Flo Lentz, 4Culture, at (206) 263-1604.

Vets Restore participants tour Rafn Company renovation project at Plymouth Church, Seattle © 2014 4Culture