Vets Restore 2014
In 2014,Vets Restore expanded on the successes of our pilot year. Our five participants trained for three weeks doing basic hands-on carpentry projects at Washington Hall. This was followed by an intensive four weeks in the shops of Bear Wood Windows, restoring the Hall’s original double-hung sash.

Each veteran was then assigned to one of our five partner companies (Construction Industry Affiliates) for five weeks of paid employment at real-world job sites. They gained skills remodeling a classic single-family home, rehabbing an urban church in downtown Seattle, installing fine cabinetry, doing historic landscape design, and repairing old wood windows.

All five participants graduated in December of 2014 in a moving ceremony at Washington Hall.


Kevin Bottini

Kevin is a veteran of the U.S. Army with a background in construction, having worked on both residential and commercial remodel, and new construction. He has worked for both SK Builders in Seattle and Mitchell Construction in California as a general framer. Kevin joined Vets Restore to expand his knowledge of finish carpentry, and is seeking secure, long-term employment with a company that provides challenging work on a variety of projects. A team player with strong communication skills, Kevin is also interested in the management side of construction, and has administrative experience.


Easton Branam

Easton served in the Army post 9/11, is trained in landscape architecture and urban design. She is interested in the materials, artistry, and social history of older buildings and landscapes. Engaged and passionate about her work, Easton is looking for a small firm with deep community ties and strong commitment to the environment. An experienced project manager, she is skilled in AutoCAD, GIS and other design related software. Easton is currently an intern with The West Studio, a local landscape architecture firm that specializes in evidence-based design.


Zoe Gillespie

Zoe served in the Army post 9/11 as a Cable Systems Installer; installing, operating and repairing communications systems. Zoe also worked as an entry level carpenter at Muebleria Marquez Taller de Carpinteria in Mexico, which specializes in furniture design, assembly, restoration and finishing. Zoe joined Vets Restore to grow her exposure to and knowledge of finish carpentry. After completing her Vets Restore training, she interned with Abacus Fine Carpentry LLC, a VR affiliate, which specializes in custom interior woodworking and cabinetry installation.


Dwight Jones

A Navy veteran, Dwight is a hard-working, loyal and detail focused individual that wants to work for a company as passionate about their craftsmanship as he is about his. He is certified fork lift operator, front loader, and excavator and has a CDL Class B License. Dwight is currently employed by Bear Wood Windows, a VR affiliate, which specializes in wood window restoration and whose projects include the recent King Street Station renovation, the historic Women’s University Club and the Arctic Hotel in Seattle.


Gabriel Jones

After serving active duty in the Navy, Gabriel joined the Naval Reserves Construction Battalion, which oversees a broad range of work including land surveying, heavy equipment operation, interior finish work, equipment installation and repair, and electrical installation. He joined Vets Restore to continue his education in finish carpentry. Gabriel enjoys the challenges of detailed wood work, but is also interested in framing and general remodel construction. He has a CDL Class B with passenger endorsement.

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